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Logan Picture
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me;
yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy. Alma 29:9

Gina Time

October 10, 2016

Dear Family,

When the sister missionaries were here they did something that they called "Gina Time." It's where they went with Gina Crilley, an awesome member in the ward, and they deliver food or treats with inspirational quotes on them to members of the ward. So this week we got to do that. She made cookies and put quotes from church leaders on them and then we delivered them to people and had great visits with them and got to know them better.

Because we were in a trio with Elder Maughan and we had Jake come with us to Theron's lesson, we felt that it was overbearing for all of us to go. So we decided that Jake and Elder Sulzen would go to teach, and Elder Maughan and I would go talk to people on the street. It was probably pretty scary for Elder Sulzen because he has been out for three weeks and I already threw him into leading out the lesson by himself. I wouldn't have done it though if we had someone else besides Jake, because he is a returned missionary, so he could back it up. Heard it went really well though.

On Tuesday we found out that Elder Maughan would be getting a new companion, and is training again. Well, the trio lasted about a week, and now we have to transfer around again. I feel like I am involved in these a lot, haha. So on Wednesday right after district meeting we grabbed lunch real quick and then drove to Amherst, Nova Scotia, to pick up Elder Kyler, and there were a few other companionship's to pick up other Elders as well. It is mid transfer but the reason for it is that these missionaries are also waiting for there visas. We are getting so many of them, it's starting to turn into a visa waiting mission. The three missionaries are all waiting to go to Trinidad, in the Caribbean, that's crazy. And then we drove back here and did a Book of Mormon class where Carol Crilley taught it, it was so good. That took the whole day.

Spent Thursday in Fredericton on exchanges with Elder Breinholt, he's pretty rad (from Gilbert). We had a great lesson with one of their investigators Grace, on Faith and prayer and the nail was hit on the head of getting it across. I even used a pizza delivery as an analogy where you have to work for it, you make the call and ask for what you want, but then there is that waiting period but you know that it's coming, just not sure the moment when, and when it does, then you have your pizza (blessing or answer). I didn't explain it as well as I did in the lesson but I thought it was cool. Then that evening we went to a retirement home with four other missionaries and we sang hymns with them for an hour, that was fun.

All week we have been praying for service opportunities and then our prayers were all answered on Saturday. We had planned to help our ward mission leader paint the windows on his house but then unexpectedly before that the opportunity arose to help his brother move, so between those two things that was half the day. On our way home we stopped by a lady that we are trying to start teaching, Frances, and she was just finishing some gardening and so we asked if we could help her put all her stuff away in the shed, good thing we were still wearing service clothes. The reason we went though is that she had made us a pie for Thanksgiving so we were there to pick it up and that service opportunity arose. Then when we got home there were people moving in next door and so we were going to go ask what we could do to help, but then as we walked outside a member, who takes care of our building, was working on the exterior, scraping, painting, etc. and she needed help moving the scaffolding to the other side of the building and by the time we were finished doing that the people moving in were done as well. I guess when you "over pray" for these opportunities they come in abundance. We had a lot come up and couldn't seem to get to them all, but that was our entire Saturday, it was awesome. Well and then we had Thanksgiving dinner at the Woodruff's, so good!

The talks in church were so good this Sunday, the talks were on fasting, Grace, and Service. The spirit was so strong. The one on service was so powerful that the speaker had most of the congregation in tears, including me. Then Sunday all meetings (not church) were cancelled for Thanksgiving and we went over to the Cosman's for another Thanksgiving dinner, I loved it! If you didn't get the vibe it was Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and today is actually Thanksgiving! Really great week!

Love You all!

Love Elder Ray

Elder Batley going home to get surgery on his leg,
I'll miss him, he was so awesome.

Squad's all here