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Logan Picture
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me;
yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy. Alma 29:9

District Leader

March 30, 2016

Dear Family,

What a crazy weird, long week it has been, and in long I mean that it was nine days until we had a P-day.

Friday night we and the sister missionaries and sister Harlow and brother Whiting, spent the evening setting up for the Easter Pancake Breakfast and Egg Hunt that we planned for Saturday morning. It was a big success in our eyes, many less active members and non-members came and enjoyed it. Elder Quinton and I served the pancakes while the sisters went around and talked with everyone.

Easter Sunday was a bit of a struggle though when you and your companion are fighting head colds and have to teach a lesson, but we pushed through.

We stopped by a referral that a member had given us and this couple, Patty and Linden, are awesome. They have met with missionaries before and had some struggles then but seem super open to having us over to teach them more. They even invited us over for dinner this week, which is awesome when a nonmember invites you for dinner. Member work is where it's at, the Nillson's, who were the ones that referred us to them, have been super good examples and member missionaries to Patty and Linden opening the door to them receiving the gospel. The Lord truly does prepare people, in His own way and in His own time, but He does.

It's also transfer week, and Elder Quinton and I are both staying in Bridgewater, a big part President said is to finish the Institute semester, and to finish the program that we have been working on. Also I have been called as a District leader, so that will be cool. But with the program on member missionary work, we created a training and us and the sisters will be traveling the mission next week and training the whole mission on this new initiative. No pressure. I'll be on a plane sooner than I thought I would be, seeing as how now we get to go to Newfoundland for a bit, but it will be so cool. It will be my first time doing a training and it happens to be in front of everyone, but we have three different conferences because the mish is super spread out, so three trainings. This is huge, a lot is happening... I'm pretty nervous not gonna lie.

"Every Member A Missionary" -David O. Mckay

Love You All! Happy Late Easter!

Love Elder Ray

When you hardcore photo bomb your districts picture.

The chefs from the Easter Breakfast.

The Work is Progressing

March 21, 2016

Dear Family,

We finally met with our investigator Trevor, who could only meet once every other week, tough, I know. But we taught him the Restoration and he loves talking about it and asking questions so we had a great conversation going. We asked him what it would mean if this was true and he said that he would probably just keep living his life the way he is now. It was probably one of the boldest lessons I have been in and we straight up told him that this is the most important thing that he will hear in his life and that it will improve the way he is living. He was completely fine with what we had to say but we aren't sure where it will go from here, him not wanting to commit and all, but hopefully he will realize it for himself.

On Tuesday we spent the whole day in Sackville working with the Elders there. Elder Quinton and I have both served there so we knew the area pretty well still. We split off for the day and worked with each others companions. It was like deja vu being back there, old apartment, same work, it was almost like I never left. It was really weird. Got to visit a few of the members and the best thing of the day was when we took Owen, the investigator that was found by Elder Quinton right before I got there and then taught him, and who is now baptized, to a lesson with us. It was so cool that I got to go back and see someone progress so much and make those covenants with God, and now he is an awesome member missionary. Ah, such a good day.

Well, the record for hardest door slam on my mission was broken the other day, it was awesome!

On Sunday we were leaving Sacrament meeting when in the back corner of the room was Jennifer and James, two investigators from Montague that Elder Quinton also found and that I was teaching as well. They are so awesome and surprised us with a visit. They just got engaged, which is a miracle in itself because we thought it might never happen, and they both invited us to the wedding, which is in September of 2017, haha, pretty far away I would say. But James said that they are planning on being baptized after they are married! They came to Gospel Principles class with us and brother Whiting thought they were members because they were participating in the discussion and what was funny was that when he asked if they were members James instinctively said yes and than was like, well not yet. So cool that it was his reaction though, it made Elder Quinton and I both excited.

The blessings are real, you can see them everyday.
Love You!
Love, Elder Ray

Brother Whiting, our ward mission leader,
is one of the coolest people I have ever met.

Surprise visit from Jennifer and James!


March 14, 2016

Dear Family,

Earlier in the week we met and talked with Archie, who is a Buddhist but loves the Mormon church. He is so involved in Buddhism but he said that we get it, we have it, and he knows it, and that if he wasn't a Buddhist that he would be a Mormon. He said that nothing has shaken him in his Buddhism except for Mormons... what was crazy is that he talked a lot about God and Jesus Christ as if he believed in them but when we asked him if he believed in God he said no. Oh we were so confused. He asked us to what end is the point in meeting with him, so we straight up told him that we would be there to go through some discussions with him, have him do things like read, and pray, and go to church, and then eventually he would need to be baptized. He liked that we were up front with him and not beating around the bush. He said that he could see why Christ was baptized but that he didn't feel that he needed it. We marked in the Book of Mormon where Christ appears to the Nephites and teaches them about baptism, then committed him to read and pray about it, and he said that he would. It was a crazy lesson, and we are hoping to meet with him again but he never seems to be home or answer the phone, but we pray we will work with him, it will be interesting.

While Elder Quinton taught Institute this week I went with a member in the ward home teaching to a less active member. This member is very involved in a German club and we got talking about the name Schnepf, and he asked me some questions and I realized that I have no idea about our families names/ancestors but he loves to talk about it. So maybe one day I'll look into it.

We did some good service this week as well. We helped make lunch packages at a food bank and we also helped Andrea, who we were helping move last week, finish moving on the weekend. Couches, beds, and dressers to move for days, haha.

Weeks go by fast. Cherish the moments you have. Look for all the blessings and miracles in everyday life. The bad is always followed by the good.

Love You so Much!!

Love, Elder Ray

Building lunches at the Food Bank

Winter's not over quite yet.

Study of the Atonement

March 7, 2016

Dear Family,

Found a new investigator on Monday. His name is Trevor and he has met with missionaries before, he believes that there is a Creator but isn't sure if it is God and wants to know. He went off about evolution and how it was completely impossible, it was pretty funny not gonna lie. We both feel like he has great potential, one road block for us is his insane work schedule, limiting us meeting with him to once every two weeks. But we can make it work.

Since Easter is at the end of the month, our mission is doing a month long study of the Atonement, and it is awesome. Every week we get a study schedule and the things that we can study. It's only been one week and my understanding and testimony of the Atonement is stronger and deeper, what an amazing thing, so simple yet insanely complex.

On Friday we spent a big chunk of the afternoon helping an ex-member move houses... it was great but let's just say I am fine never having to carry a washer and dryer upstairs again.

What a wonderful time to live and have the knowledge of the gospel in our lives. I have had many experiences that show me the blessings of living it and the true happiness that it brings. The church is true.

Love You!

Love Elder Ray