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I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me;
yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy. Alma 29:9

Christmas Zone Conference

December 19, 2016

Dear Family,

Wish I had time to write more last week but plans changed. We were supposed to leave Charlottetown Monday night at six to get to Moncton for our Christmas zone conference the next day. But then a huge snow storm was coming in and our whole district had to leave the island before it hit so we left at noon and spent part of our P-day driving. If we didn't there was a high chance of us being stuck on the island and not getting across the bridge if it was shut down due to the storm. But we made it. The weather did get nasty though, a lot this week. It just kept snowing. So we spent our P-day in Moncton and helped set up everything for the conference. Then after, since we had time, we went to visit the Mollers, who lived in Montague while I was there, and now live in Moncton. So because many other missionaries didn't want to miss the conference because of the storm, other companionship's drove up early as well and so in the Moncton apartment there were fifteen elders! Oh it was crazy but fun. Showers in the morning was a gong show though, haha. No one wanted to miss this conference because it was the looked forward to one all year, a devotional, many special musical numbers, a talent show, and a gift exchange, it was so good.

Then right after the conference we stayed in Moncton to go on an exchange with the zone leaders and I'm pretty sure we spent most of the time knocking apartment buildings though. We definitely saw both both sides of the nice/not nice scale.

Second storm of the week hit Thursday evening and we worked through that but it was starting to get worse and it just went downhill from there. Friday morning we were getting calls saying not to go outside and literally no one was outside, even the RCMP were telling people to stay inside. Those days are the worst because you can only do so much missionary work from your apartment before you run out of things to do. So in the afternoon we decided to try to go out and we bundled up, but it didn't matter how much you put on it still pierced right through you. 100mph winds, our car said it was minus fourteen Celsius (7F) but with a wind chill of minus thirty five (-31F). Let's just say we weren't outside for very long. With the mess outside all of our plans were shot and the ward Christmas party that was that evening was cancelled. I think by the end of the day we were starting to go a little crazy. Oh Canada.

We are working with a member, Michael, who is struggling with our church and his old church, but he expressed that he wants to do baptisms at the temple and get his patriarchal blessing so we are planning to teach him more about those this week. Other than that the people we are trying to work with are either out of contact or too busy this time of year to meet so for now it's looking for new people to teach.

Elder Wynder and I also started doing this thing where instead of asking people if we can shovel their driveways and then them always saying no. We just do it and then knock on their door afterward, talking about light the world and how they can do service for others too. It's been way more effective, and my back is getting stronger. Haha.

Love You!!

Love Elder Ray

Squad Up, from last transfer